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Why Premteco

"I have been working with Shenzhen Premteco Limited for over 11 years now. During these years I have ordered over $1,100,000 worth of product from them. Every shipment I receive is on-time, in perfect quality and functions flawlessly. I have seen a lot of different panels over my years in operation, and the panels from SHENZHEN PREMTECO LIMITED are top notch. Never have I had a faulty LED, power supply or cable. All items are checked and re-checked and the picture quality is truly amazing."

Colin (CEO of SV Canada)

 "We have been working with SHENZHEN PREMTECO LIMITED in various projects over the last 7 years I am confident of their products, knowledge, skill and proficiency. They have been an excellent partner in providing us with both rental and fixed installation screens. PREMTECO have provided resources and services to successfully meet our request on every occasion. They truly understand what it means to maintain healthy and successful relationship with their clients."

Max (CEO of Xpose Limited)

"I strongly recommend the excellent services of PREMTECO. Mr Nick Lee has been working with our Outdoor advertisement projects for the last eight years and has been providing large LED displays, LED displays parts and the excellent technical support. SHENZHEN PREMTECO has really helped our company throughout the years."

Mohamed ( CEO of Fast Media Limited)

"We have had a relationship with Shenzhen Premteco for over 5 years since 2013 when we first had an interest in purchasing digital media. Shenzhen Premteco Limited’s sales team have been patient and professional in dealing with us when we were venturing into digital outdoor, they recommended the right solutions for our needs in Southern Africa. The quality of their product is second to none in my opinion and I will never hesitate to purchase from them again if the opportunity prevails. I always receive sales pitches from other digital screen suppliers from China but see no need to shop elsewhere." 

Kevin (CEO of Le Enterprises)

"Two years ago, I had a very bad experience with another Chinese supplier. When I decided to take a new LED screen, I went to China and wanted to find a new supplier. I met several suppliers and Premteco was one of them. I think the reason I chose them is because they had very strong technical support and amazing products. I have to say they are the best LED display manufacturer in China. I will continue working with them and I wish their business is getting better and better. "

Mike White (CEO of Well Signage Technology )

"I know nothing about the LED display technology when I was planning to purchase LED display product. Lucky me, I found Nick from Premteco. The whole team especially Nick was very helpful and my project was taken good care of. I also got a good training in the factory. I am very happy for the decision I had made. I believe Premteco and us will have a long-term business relationship."

Alex Lindsay (Managing director of Green Media Tech)

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