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Stage fire at Barcelona festival
Date:August 1st, 2017    Written by:Rick    

July 29th 2017, there was a stage fire caused at Barcelona Festival. Fortunately, all 22.000 visitors were evacuated safely and without reports of injuries. According to the official statement, the fire happened was because of a technical malfunction. However, many people don't know if the quality of the equipments is bad especially the LED display equipments, it could cause the fire as well.


In the past couple years, at least 10 LED display caused fire in China, some of them are indoor LED display, and some of them are outdoor LED display. Those LED displays were burned is because the poor quality power cable, cheap power supply, unprofessional cable wire, etc.


When we choose the LED display products, we must choose a reliable supplier. Premteco always supplies high quality products to our clients. Many of our products have been used for more than 5 years, and they are still working properly.

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