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Outdoor P3.9 LED display
Date:December 4th, 2017    Written by:Rick    

Outdoor P3.9 LED display is getting more and more poplar in the market since it could be used for both outdoor and indoor events which need high resolution screens. Recently we just put an outdoor P3.9 LED display in a stadium in Canada.

Outdoor P3.9 LED display

The panel size is 500mm x 1000mm, it is used the rental cabinet. The screen has high refresh rate of 2880Hz, so it will not appear flickering on the camera. Meanwhile, the grayscale of the screen is up to 14bit. So the screen looks fabulous. What's more, the screen also has a brightness of over 4500nits, so it could be seen clearly in direct sunlight. 

"It is really a great screen, I just love it very much. And all of our clients like it. " Said our client, who has been in the LED display market for more than 15 years. As the local market has more and more competition, they are planning to upgrade all of their equipment to get more advantage in the market. 

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